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『TOKYO FASHION EXPRESS 』Jul. 12, Mon. 23:30 – 0:00(UTC) etc.
Nippon Style:Designer Toyoaki Kuwayama: Achieving a World-first – Applying Kimono Dyeing Techniques to Denim
We feature the designer Toyoaki Kuwayama, who created Kyoto Denim, a brand of jeans that applies kimono dyeing techniques. Kuwayama was born into a Kyoto family of kimono tailors that have been in business from the Edo period. He learned the skills of this trade from an early age, and was subsequently drawn to denim. He launched Kyoto Denim in 2008, after several years of study and collaboration with designers, tailors and people involved in traditional arts and crafts. Triple the amount of time goes into making Kyoto Denim jeans compared to standard jeans, but the resulting products retain their colors and patterns even after numerous trips to the laundry. Kuwayama was invited to showcase his wears in London, where they generated a lot of praise.
Kuwayama tells us what fascinated and drew him to denim. Kuwayama is eager to incorporate local ideas into his designs. He avidly reads old literature and visits museums (including the Shosoin in nearby Nara) for inspiration to create something new and different from the nation’s ancient capital.